Sports Rehabilitation

Getting back on track


At In Balance Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic we understand that you want to return to full sporting activity as soon as possible…

The most important factor in recovery is obtaining the correct diagnosis.
At In Balance Physiotherapy you will receive an accurate diagnosis and analysis of your problem; customised treatment from a specialist physiotherapist; onward referral to a specialist doctor or recommendation for a scan, when necessary.

Rehabilitation may consist of:

  • Sports-specific rehabilitation
  • Fascia and muscle release, stretching & strengthening
  • Sports soft tissue massage
  • Kinesio-taping and support-taping
  • Dynamic exercise training, agility and core-control
  • Analysis of gait & running style
  • Correction of muscle imbalances & movement dysfunctions
  • Training plans and running technique coaching

Making a plan for recovery

Sports injuries need a graded return to sporting activity with carefully increased loading of the healing tissues. Chronic overuse injuries need analysis of the underlying biomechanical movement dysfunction causing the strain.

Early Assessment – Fast Recovery

In Balance Physiotherapy can offer an early assessment with lead Clinician Alan Sealy. Alan has worked with a variety of elite sportsmen and women at the English Institute of Sport; he has helped rehabilitate some of Scotland’s top athletes; in addition to which he has been an active athlete, cross-country, road and hill runner, cyclist, skier and rock-climber for over 30 years – plenty of time to gain personal experience of many different sporting niggles and traumatic injuries! Alan is a Scottish Athletics endurance running coach.

Get better, fitter, faster with In Balance Physiotherapy!