Covid safe practice policy & risk assessment

Covid Policy 30.06.20 on return to face to face (F2F) contacts

Clinical practice is at all times in line with the latest guidelines from the CSP (professional body), HCPC (regulatory council) and the Scottish Government.

A full risk assessment has been carried out in line with CSP, HCPC and ScotGov guidelines (see risk assessment below) with regard to Covid-19.

A ‘virtual first’ approach is standard practice in order to minimise unecessary contacts.

Telephone risk assessment consultations will be carried out for all clients prior to F2F contacts.

Clients will be made aware of the curent risks involved in F2F contacts and must give consent.

Clients will be screened for Covid symptoms prior to attending the clinic (see pre-clinic screening form).

Clinic capacity is reduced in order to maintain separation of clients.

Clients will be required to wait outside the clinic and will be met at the front door and accompanied to the treatment area. Appointment times are staggered in order to minimise client contact.

Hand sanitising will be carried out on entry and departure from the clinical area.

Longer appointment times in place to allow for adequate cleaning of surfaces and equipment between each client.

The therapist will wear PPE in lines with CSP, HCPC and ScotGov guidelines if adequate social distancing is not possible.

The client may be required to wear some items of PPE (eg masks).

All surfaces, door handles and equipment used will be dis-infected in between each client.

Records of personal contact details of all visitors to the clinic will be kept in case of further ‘track and trace’ requirements.

Please raise any further concerns you might have regarding covid-19 with In Balance Physiotherapy.

Covid-19 risk assessments

Covid Risk Assessment for In Balance Physiotherapy Aberdeen 30/06/20

Hazard : Spread of infection of Covid19 – category Severe

Increased transmission of covidHigh1) ‘Virtual first’ policy to minimise number of client appointments in line with CSP, HCPC & ScotGov guidelines.
2) Clients screened for covid telephone triage prior to appointments.
3) Therapist to follow social distancing and isolation covid guidelines wrt. any potential symptoms.
4) Covid screening questionnaire and temperature check for all clients at start of appointment.
Clients coming in to contact with other clientsModerate1) Appointment times staggered to keep clients apart.
2) Extra time allowed between appointments.
3) Only 1 client to enter the building at any time.
4) Client will be met at the front door by therapist and escorted to / from the treatment room on arrival / departure.
Clients coming in to contact with other users of the buildingLow1) Client will be met at the front door by therapist and escorted to / from the treatment room on arrival / departure.
2) Toilet is unavailable to clients, who will be informed.
3) Clients to enter clinic unaccompanied, unless require assistance or company due to infirmity, cognitive / communication difficulties, anxiety etc.
Contact with contaminated surfacesHigh1) Client will be met at the front door by therapist and escorted to / from the treatment room on arrival / departure. Therapist to open doors.
2) Extra time allowed between appointments to allow all surfaces to be cleaned with alcohol-based cleaner.
3) Unneccessary equipment and objects removed from treatment area to minimise surfaces.
4) Use of equipment for assessment / treatment to be minimised.
5) Equipment used in assessment or treatment to be cleaned with alcohol wipes before and after use with client.
6) Hand sanitiser to be used by client at start and end of session.
Therapist – client transmission of covidLow – high (Dependent upon intervention)1) Therapist to maintain social distancing (2m) where possible.
2) Interventions involving contact with client to be kept to a minimum.
3) Therapist to wear appropriate PPE.
4) Client to wear mask if close contact required.
5) Payment by bank transfer only.
6) Covid screening and temperature check for clients at start of session