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In Balance Physiotherapy provides expert physiotherapy and sports injury rehabilitation for a wide range of acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

We specialise in dealing with movement disorders, whether due to injury, pain or neurological conditions. Our treatment is hands-on & effective, and aims to restore you to full sporting and daily activity as soon as possible. Under the direction of Alan Sealy, a leading Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist with over 17 years of clinical experience, clients will benefit from individual assessment and tailor-made rehabilitation.

In line with the latest guidelines, we emphasize active treatment, combining manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation in order to address the cause of the problems rather than just treating the symptoms.

Whether you are struggling with a long-term chronic musculoskeletal or neurological disorder, or have just suffered an acute sporting injury, we believe in helping you to help yourself. The results speak for themselves: 9/10 clients come via direct recommendation.